Contemplative Concert Series

Songs and Stories of Peace, Hope and Justice
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Anthony Brown, baritone, accompanied by Miles Graber
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March 10, 2019
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3 p.m.

Anthony Brown, baritone, accompanied by Miles GraberAnthony Brown uses song and story to illustrate the power of music to restore hope, and to transform lives. This moving program performed with pianist, Miles Graber, invites the audience into the worlds of those in conflict areas. The concert inspires hope and involvement for change both at home and abroad. The audience is invited to sing along on several songs.

Distinguished American baritone, Anthony Brown is a classically trained singer, whose work has brought him international acclaim not only for his performances, but also for his contributions as an ambassador of peace. His work as peacemaker as taken him to political hot spots in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and across North America. Through his music, he inspires audiences around the world to join the movement for peace, justice and reconciliation.

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