Contemplative Concert Series

Amy Schaner and Dominic Schaner
Enfin la Beauté: Airs & Graces of the Heart
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Amy Schaner and Dominic Schaner
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May 17, 2020
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3 p.m.

Secular love songs of the late Renaissance & early Baroque featuring French airs de cour, English Ayres, and Italian passaggi, graced with lute solos from the French royal court, Elizabethan court, and the Roman papal court.

Amy Schaner (voice) and Dominic Schaner (lute) met and fell in love in 2007 at an early music workshop. Since then they have shared a passion for ancient music, performing lute songs and chamber music together.  A unique blend of original manuscript study and historically-informed improvisation, Dominic and Amy Schaner try to embody the renaissance idea of the composer-player: musicians who balance the intellectual and emotional to achieve a new experience at each performance. With two children under 5 years old, they are also trying to find balance outside the musical world. Dominic teaches music and explores restorative practices at a high school for at-risk youth.  Amy has also been a teacher, and now is a writer and stay at home mom.

Suggested offering: $20