Santa Sabina Center

Contemplative Concert Series

Enter into the hidden beauty of Santa Sabina’s inner cloister garden and neo-Gothic chapel for a unique musical and artistic experience. The contemplative concert series is designed to feature the intersection of the arts in service of celebrating beauty and the sacred. The series features Bay Area musicians who are nationally or internationally recognized.

Every concert is followed by a garden reception providing an opportunity to meet the musicians. The Center is fully handicap accessible and parking is available. Concerts begin at 3 pm and the suggested offering is $20.

April 10, 2016
Amy Michele White and Dominic Schaner – Ávila: Musicians and Mystics of Sixteenth Century Spain


Amy Michele White (voice) and Dominic Schaner (lute/guitar/vihuela) delight in bringing early medieval music to modern audiences. In this concert, they will perform selections from the vihuela literature of the Golden Age of Spain, Medieval music associated with contemplative pilgrimage and Marian devotion, and new music setting the mystical works of Teresa of Ávila* and John of the Cross** in meditative solos and reflective songs. White and Schaner explore themes of contemplation, inward reflection, mysticism and poetic vision. Their music seeks to divine a glimpse of poetry and mysticism through fleeting and free spirited improvisation, contemplative solos and dramatic songs interspersed with quiet instrumental meditations and select recitations.
*The Way of Perfection & The Interior Castle
**Spiritual Canticle & Dark Night of the Soul

Art-Meditation Retreats

By appointment

Saturdays 10:30 am-2:30 pm

The Way of Hand Papermaking

“Where self and nature reconnect…”
…in shared silence
A contemplative day of hand papermaking from natural fibers with papermaker Harriet Hope. Space for each session is limited.

Please contact Harriet at 415.259.9440 or

Fee: $60, includes materials and Japanese bento box lunch.