Santa Sabina Center

Supporting the Center

Celebrate with Us

2014 marks the 75th anniversary of the building of Santa Sabina. Our hearts are filled with gratitude as we recognize how the Center has served so many since its inception—first as a house of study and prayer for new members of the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael and now as a house that fosters contemplative ways of being for spiritual seekers across many spiritual traditions. We celebrate that Santa Sabina has served as a place of beauty and silence for thousands of seekers from across the globe.

In honor of this anniversary, we are inviting you to consider gifts in any multiple of $75 to support our efforts to sustain the mission and services of Santa Sabina. Thank you for being a part of our sustaining community of supporters! You may choose to direct your gift in several ways:

General Support

We deeply appreciate all gifts. No gift is too small. We welcome such expressions of gratitude from our guests. These contributions to general support enable us to enhance what we have available in the center and to respond to unanticipated emergency repairs.

Scholarship Fund

We offer assistance to as many as we can. Please continue to consider this a valuable way to share the fruits of your own Santa Sabina blessings with others.

Kitchen Fund

We have completed the upgrades and remodeling associated with the kitchen and dining room. The costs were far higher than we initially anticipated. Donations toward the kitchen fund will help us rebuild our reserves for ongoing improvements and equipping of the space as needed.

Garden Fund

Your gifts to the garden help us maintain the effort and care for the natural beauty that surrounds the center, creating the opportunity to replant, filling in the gaps where some shrubs and smaller plants have died. This year’s freeze has hit some areas of the garden very hard. So, we anticipate replanting. In keeping with the drought situation throughout California, we work to incorporate drought resistant native plantings.