The Mystic Path and Poetry of T. S. Eliot

Kayleen Asbo
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Online Retreat Series with Kayleen Asbo, Ph.D.
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A Sequence of Six Sessions

T.S. Eliot, considered by many the most influential poet of the 20th Century, was also an essayist, literary critic, and playwright. The influences of Dante, Beethoven, and his own ever-deepening spirituality, will become apparent as we explore his poetry which reveals his mystical understanding of the human condition and humanity’s progress. Kayleen Asbo, Ph.D., will ably lead us in exploring Eliot’s gifts and insights, allowing us to come to our own. The series of six sessions will bring us in touch with some of his most famous works, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, The Wasteland, and the Four Quartets. Recordings of the sessions will be available to participants following the sessions as well.

Retreat leader Kayleen Asbo, Ph.D., interdisciplinary scholar, musician, and writer, teaches at the Pacifica Graduate Institute as well as in bay area Osher Life Long Learning Institutes. She also serves as the Creative and Artistic Director for the Mythica Foundation for Contemplation and the Arts. Visit her website for more information,

Fee: $120 + convenience fee for the series (6 sessions)