Welcome to Santa Sabina Center

The Center and our staff are dedicated to providing sacred space in a beautiful environment for groups and individuals to experience contemplative ways of being. We offer our own retreats; provide time and space for private retreatants; and host groups of other faith traditions that are themselves programs compatible with our mission.

Grounded in the Dominican monastic heritage and aware of the primary revelation of the divine in the natural world, the Center provides a space for beauty, simplicity, and silence for people of all faiths to enter more deeply into spiritual practice.

The Center fulfills this mission by:

  • Providing a staff dedicated to nourishing and implementing the mission of the Center;

  • Sustaining an environment that nurtures a contemplative way of being;

  • Providing Center programs that incorporate the mission of the Center, with focus on the Earth, the Arts, and the contemplative dimension of our spiritual heritage;

  • Providing hospitality respectful of the spiritual and cultural traditions of those hosted groups that come to the Center for their own programs.

  • Maintaining a food service that provides healthy, carefully prepared meals, responsive to the needs of individuals and groups;

  • Giving careful attention to maintaining the beauty of the grounds and garden areas within and surrounding the Center;

  • Maintaining a commitment to the careful upkeep and financial viability of Santa Sabina Center as a unique sanctuary in Marin County where people of all spiritual beliefs and cultural backgrounds can find sacred space and contemplative quiet.

The Center is easily accessible being 30 minutes from San Francisco and one hour by airporter from the San Francisco International Airport.

Download the 2019-2020 Program brochure here.

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