A Contemplative Retreat in the Dominican Tradition

Incarnation: We, too, are a Word of God
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July 31–August 4, 2024

Dominican preaching team

We speak of the Incarnation, the gift of God present in and through Jesus the Christ. Rightly we stand in awe before the gift. Yet, there is more to this gift, that is the call to recognize in and through our baptism that we are each the ongoing Incarnation at work and play in the world. As we grow in the imitation and love of Christ, we incarnate evermore deeply the holy and allow God’s gift to come to fullness in us. By divine design we are to become the fullness of the Incarnation, the very Body of Christ.

Join us as we contemplate this marvelous call. Our Dominican preaching team – Sisters Patricia Bruno, Margaret Diener, Pat Farrell, Raya Hanlon, and Father Jude Siciliano – will break open the Word, manifest in Scripture, Creation and Community during our time together. Each day will provide opportunity for presentations, prayer together and privately, and Eucharist.

Fee: $860 (food, lodging, presentation and material. Deposit: $360