Supporting the Center

Santa Sabina Center front entrance

COVID-19 has challenged us to sustain the vision – your help matters!

For over fifty years, Santa Sabina has provided sacred space for retreats. Even as we have sustained periods of closure for renovation, nothing has been quite as challenging as these twenty-one months of closure during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our care for the safety and well-being of our guests and staff are pre-eminent; yet, we know that people need the support of contemplative places to heal and revive their spirits. We will fully reopen to residential programming in January of 2022.

We deeply appreciate and continue to need the support of all of you who value our unique mission and service in the world. Your gifts for general support help us maintain the Center and support our staff.

For now, we invite General Support as well as gifts to maintain the Garden.

General Support

We deeply appreciate all gifts. No gift is too small. We welcome such expressions of gratitude from our guests. These contributions to general support enable us to enhance what we have available in the center and to respond to unanticipated emergency repairs.

Garden Fund

Guests delight in our gardens.  Even now the drought is stressing our plants and taking a toll.  Your gifts to the garden help us maintain the effort and care for the natural beauty that surrounds the center, creating the opportunity to replant, filling in the gaps where some shrubs and smaller plants have died.