What We Offer


The environs of Santa Sabina are diverse and flexible. They are used in a variety of ways to meet the needs of groups and individuals, whether coming to the Center as part of a Santa Sabina program, or as a hosted group, or for individual retreat time. Guest gathering and meeting rooms are situated on the first floor; bedrooms are on the second floor and accessed by stairs or elevator.

The building as a retreat site is enhanced by several special features all of which represent the Center's ongoing commitment to the Earth and to sustainable living. The lovely inner courtyard and the surrounding gardens, planted in predominantly drought, deer-resistant native plantings, permit guests to find additional natural meditation spaces. The conference room with its open access to the outer garden and patio allows participants to incorporate both in the flow of activities.

Atop the outer garden hill sits the straw bale hermitage that provides retreatants a unique space for solitary time. Designed both for functionality and as a learning site for environmentally sensitive construction, the hermitage is used for single, hour-long sittings during programs and for day use for private retreatants when no programs are scheduled.

Nearby and slightly above the south west gardens sits the yurt, an enclosed circular structure with a redwood deck, which accommodates small discussion and prayer groups as needed.