Online Retreat Weekend with Margaret Galiardi, OP and Pat Farrell, OP

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Grounding Ourselves Where There Is No Ground: A Christian/Buddhist Perspective on Living in Interesting Times
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Join retreat leaders Margaret Galiardi, OP, and Pat Farrell, OP, for a virtual retreat sessions – two evenings and weekend days – through Zoom.

We find ourselves in one of the most tumultuous times in human history. How disconcerting for us earthlings who want the security of solid ground beneath our feet! Yet Christian and Buddhist teachings and practices point us, not toward security and safety, but to developing the ability to stand in the ebb and flow of the tides of life without giving up.

During this online retreat, we will spend time in sitting and walking meditation, staying with whatever thoughts and feelings arise. We will look at teachings from both Christian and Buddhist traditions that encourage us to experience a grounding that goes beyond our lack of footing.

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About Margaret Galiardi, OP (left)
Margaret, a Dominican sister from Amityville, New York, is part of the Institute for Communal Contemplation and Dialogue. With experience in congregational leadership and a deep background in ecological theology and spirituality, she practices with Insifada Zen, a Long Island interfaith meditation community and is an experienced retreat leader.

About Pat Farrell, OP (right)
Pat, a Dominican sister of San Rafael, is the hosting manager here at Santa Sabina Center. Pat, a trained meditation teacher and retreat leader, has served in congregational leadership, and most recently was executive director of the Dominican Sisters Conference. She is a member of the Sophia Zen Sangha and enjoys sharing how Zen and Christianity complement each other.

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Fee: $75 + convenience fee for the series (6 sessions)